Create, Connect and Renew

Expressive Arts For Growth and Healing

Are you looking for the courage to create? The inspiring psychologist and author Rollo May describes creative courage as ..." the discovering of new forms, new symbols, new patterns on which a new society can be built." It begins with you. It begins within your unique heart, mind, body and soul.

Do you find yourself longing for a greater sense of possibility and connection with a creative and courageous community? Have you experienced a challenge or set back and need to rebuild your strength and resilience? Is it a struggle to find time to nurture your own spirit because of your responsibilities to others? Do you feel called to express yourself creatively but are unsure about how to begin?

I invite you to join me in the exploration of our inner creative landscapes, our places of power and hope, where we move past our fears and despair.  I am Kelly O. Finnerty – artist, educator, and licensed psychotherapist. I  have been guiding people of all ages on this journey for many years now. My intention is to help you re-discover your ability to observe closely, to play, to laugh, to repurpose your mistakes, to see things in new ways and to expand your sense of possibility.

My work is grounded in the ecology of creativity that views our human creativity as a natural life process. I work with individuals and groups for purposes that include personal growth and healing, professional development for teachers and therapists, and development of community projects and exhibits.

Please consider joining me for one of my workshops, or contact me to develop a workshop customized to your group's needs. Explore the tools of the artist and the storyteller to express your inner strength and knowing in community with others. Learn to use the skills of visual thinking and active imagination.

Prior art experience is not required to experience life as a creative act. Just bring your innate curiosity and playfulness.